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韩剧请回答1988 18集里这两块的插曲叫什么名字?感...

我也是在找这首歌 真的好好听啊

应该是这首歌曲: 歌名:空虚的心 歌手:李承焕

李承焕第一张专辑《B.C 603》——空虚的心 (텅빈 마음)

상처 播放 歌手:Ali 语言:韩语 所属专辑:屋塔房王世子 ost 发行时间:2012-04-19

What Do U Want - Cassie I got a crew in every single nation You didn't know when you started altercation Boy u caused me to much agrivation My hommies want to sit down and have a conversation What do u want from me How can I gi...


歌手:李仙姬 歌名:사랑에 빠졌어요 陷入爱情了

少女、lower place、remember last、antagonism、I promise to you 每天和你、math test、icecream in summer、 岁月流逝、淡紫色香气、现在决定忘记、boring afternoon 2、惠化洞、rainy night、after all this time、as time goes by 全部就这...

Nothing's Gonna Change My Love for You

Los Lobos的donna


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