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时间很紧是翻译成timE is tight吗

不可以的,这是中式思维,是错误的英文表达。 时间很紧可以这样表达: time is short time is limited sb is in a hurry clock is ticking ......

The schedule is too tight.

Time is tight 可以的,或者time is very tense ,be short of time

The time is so limited.

The project has a very tight schedule.

词典释义 adj. 紧的,牢固的;绷紧的;不漏的;密集的,紧凑的 adv. 紧紧地;牢固地 高考 / 考研 / TEM4 变形 形容词 最高级:tightest 比较级:tighter 数据来源:金山词霸 双语例句 全部紧的牢固的绷紧的密集的紧凑的紧紧地 1. She walked off the p...

This time for me too tight a point

To the New Year has been a very tense time


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