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interested party是国家标准GB/T 19000:2008 idt ISO 9000:2005《质量管理体系 基础和术语》中的一个术语,其中文名称是“相关方”,其解释是与组织的利益或成就有利益关系的个人或团体。

1. My brother is interested _in__Chinese (be interesting in 对....感兴趣,in后面跟名词或者动名词) 2. We are ready __to_have a birthday party for her. (be ready to do sth. 准备好做某事...) 3. We are ready __for_the exam(be read...

A 形容词在具体语境中的用法。present作形容词,意为“出席的.在场的”时,要么作表语,要么作后置定语本句意为“参加聚会的人都是他的支持者”。选A.

Thank you for invinting me to your birthday party are you interested in history or geography? Look,the factory is releasing the thick dark ...



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