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l wAsh my FACE()thE wAtEr

Gotta wash in the water,必须在水里洗净wash in the blur在昏暗中洗净and ...this smile off my face这我的脸上微笑Got...

with 如不明白请追问,如果满意请【采纳】 祝学习进步

为您解答 两种改法 I wash my face in the water. 我在水里洗脸 I wash my face with the water. 我用水洗脸 Into有进入之意,不符合意思。

首先你要知道into是什么意思,到 ... 里;进入;朝;除;所以into the water 是进去到水里,而into the water是修饰整句话的,而不是修饰face 的,而且整句话应该想要表达的意思是"用"水洗脸,with就有这一含义。

I wash clothing with soap I wash machine parts with gasoline(用汽油洗机器零件) I wash my head with hot water(用热水洗头) I wash my shores with a brush(用一把刷子洗鞋子)

洗脸 采纳我哟!

When the water falls on my faceSo I love the rain.So baby let the rain fall down from heavenLet i's wash away every memory of you and ICause ...

go washing 吧

I wash my hands with water. 是主谓宾状结构的简单句。 .

Saving water is very important for us.There will be fewer fresh water in the future.We must avoid any chance of wasting water.We should take actions in or daily life.For example,take shoter water at any time,leave the sink runn...


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