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as many as 尽可能多;很多,许多 有N倍的A为B 或者 有N倍的为B 有很多的一个乙

how often 问的是频率,how many times问的是总共多少次 比如,How often do you play ball?问的是多久玩一次球? How many times do you play ball?你玩了多少次球? 一个是问你一个固定时间段内,你每个多久做一次这个事情 how many times 问...

牛肉比咖啡多。The farm has more than twice as many cows as it has pigs.: 农场有多于猪两倍多的牛的数量(农场牛的数量比猪的两倍还要多)。(...

Blonde Redhead的23

many times more 意为 好几倍的; The human sense of sight is many times more powerful than the sense of hearing.人类的视觉比听觉拥有强大百倍的力量。 At yesterday's auction an old coin sold for many times more than its face value...

A的数量多达B的4 倍

歌曲名:Too Many Times 歌手:Embrace 专辑:Dry Kids (B-Sides 1997-2005) ZIYO - Too Many Times Suddenly I realize your never gonna answer the phone Your light is on, I know your at home But you'd rather be alone. Standing here I'm ...

应该是Only Teardrops~ “How many times can we win and lose?How many times can we break the rules between us?Only Teardrops”

现在完成时 He has done this many times. 他已经干了许多回了。 She has been to England three times. 岛国英格兰三次。


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