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wEll DonE是形容词还是副词

well done是形容词。 做得好;全熟 英文解释及例句: 1. CONVENTION You say Well done to indicate that you are pleased that someone has done something good. 做得好情感 例: "Daddy! I came second in history"—"Well done, sweetheart!"...

完成时,做得好。You have well done it.的简写。well是副词,done是动词。

两个意思相对来说差不多,但是greatly程度深一些 例句: 1. Any assistance you could give the police will be greatly appreciated. 您提供的任何帮助警方都将万分感谢。 2. Curiously, the struggle to survive has greatly improved her hea...

be well-done.的well是副词he works well的well也是副词 well 作为副词 可以修饰 过去分词类 的形容词 。 如well said/paid. 也可以修饰动词 第二句是副词修饰动词



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